Innovation @ scale.

This is a uniquely disruptive moment in the evolution of technology, offering a once-in-a-generation opportunity for governments both small and large to harness powerful new tools that can dramatically improve public sector outcomes.

The challenge to date has been to drive public sector innovation at greater scale.

This is the aim of e.Republic Labs.

circlese.Republic Labs is a market connector – an ecosystem to educate, accelerate and ultimately scale technology innovation within the public sector.

Labs builds on the trailblazing path laid by Code for America, theKnight Foundation, Living Cities and many other forward leaning leaders and hopeful startups in this emerging space.

There are numerous innovative public sector initiatives currently underway and Labs provides an open foundation to connect the dots between them. Labs also takes aim at breaking down silos that constrain change by engaging expertise across government’s functional core in an integrated approach to problem solving. This unified environment provides an incredible opportunity to collaboratively solve the most critical and common issues facing public sector agencies today. Most importantly, Labs puts in place a new open structure to surface and rapidly test solutions in the trenches of actual public sector agencies across the country and then provide a framework to scale those solutions broadly through the ecosystem.

Fueled by the strength of the e.Republic network and its broad and deep reach across state and localities, Labs is focused on surfacing new technology approaches to solve the most common and scalable public sector market problems. We look for opportunities that are in-demand, repeatable across jurisdictions, connected to funding streams and disruptive.

We also understand that public innovation is not just about exciting technologies or great ideas. Governments are unique environments where many, often competing demands influence how and what gets done. That’s why Labs takes a full 360 degree approach to the meet the challenge of how innovation happens.

360º Orientation

Solving problems in government requires viewing the challenge from more than just a technology angle. Labs provides a 360 degree view that surfaces missing elements that are vital to fully understanding the public sector ecosystem.


There are answers to all of our greatest public sector challenges just waiting to be surfaced, tested and scaled. Labs is our way of organizing our response in a coordinated and comprehensive way. All of it done together, and in the public interest.